liblightstone is an open source, cross platform driver for the Lightstone Biometrics USB Widget that ships with the Journey to Wild Divine video game. The driver gives acces to the pulse and GSR readings from the lightstone, using pure windows calls on windows platforms, and libHID on OS X and Linux.



liblightstone v1.0 released

liblightstone v1.0 has been released. This includes the addition of win32 support again, as well as more documentation. It isn’t the end of the line for liblightstone work, as I’d like to add in more examples and some SWIG bindings, but it’s certainly better than 0.9

I’ll be uploading platform specific binaries soon, those will be announced as they’re finished.


Coming soon to a liblightstone near you - Win32 support again

After yanking win32 HID support 6 months ago, I finally decided to take the time to sit down and see if I could get HID working again with the WDK. Low and behold, I was just missing some include paths, and the code worked mostly unchanged. I’ll be folding the Win32 code back into libnputil, which means liblightstone and libomron should both work on windows again soon. And god, I really do hate the WDK.


New project website

Decided to try building new project websites for Nonpolynomial Labs projects, using the jekyll framework provided as a feature on github repositories. Start expecting project updates here.